The PLEASURE collection is all about highlighting the sensual physicality of the garments, awakening the senses and the imagination. We sought to create pieces that feel like a second skin, transforming the one who wears them. An embodiment of a dream.

Each piece in the collection is multidimensional – conceptually and physically – combining unexpected elements into couture compositions. We experimented with juxtapositions of form, fabric, and cultural references to arrive at a collection that is elegant, playful, and grounded in Casella Meyer’s commitment to craftsmanship and fabric innovation.

For several pieces in this collection, we incorporated guipure lacing, which we custom-manufactured in St. Gallen, Switzerland, the historical origin of this type of embroidery. We wanted to pay homage to our Swiss heritage by bringing back this complex technique, redefining it for the new generation with a pattern that integrates Casella Meyer’s visual language.

By combining complex weaving and embroidery techniques with our signature airbrushing, we create a distinct aesthetic that reflects the essence of Casella Meyer’s design practice. Each limited-edition piece is manufactured in Italy or Switzerland to the highest industry standards.